Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain a copy of a traffic accident report?

A: Accident reports are $10.00 and you may bring the money to the Police Department at:
105 Ballard Drive
Lindale, Texas 75771

The Police Department is open 24 hours a day. Or, you may mail a check or money order along with a self addressed stamped envelope to PO Box 130 with the information of the parties involved, the date of the accident, the location of the accident and/or case number.
Crash Reports are also avalible online at

Q: I had an accident, & the damage was minimal, we exchanged information at the time, but now I have spoken to my insurance company & they are requesting an accident report. What do I do?

A: If the accident caused less than $1,000.00 in damage, you may obtain a driver's crash report form CRB-2 (PDF)at the Police Department or from this website. The state of Texas requires that an accident resulting in more than $1,000 in damage be reported to the Crash Records Bureau in Austin.

Q: I have locked my keys inside my vehicle?

A: Unless someone has been locked inside the vehicle, you will need to contact a locksmith. The Police Department does not unlock vehicle unless it is an emergency situation.

Q: Where is the Police Department located?

A: We are located at 105 Ballard Drive at the Fountain Plaza behind the Edward Jones Building.

Q: What is a non emergency contact number?

A: You can reach the Police Department at 903-882-3313.

Q: Where do I locate someone who has been arrested by the Lindale Police Department?

A: Anyone arrested by Lindale Police Department is transported to the Smith County Sheriff’s Department in Tyler, Texas, located on Elm Street. The Sheriff's Department's phone number is 903-590-2800.

Q: Where do I pay for a citation I received from the City of Lindale?

A: All City of Lindale citations may be paid for at the Court Clerk's office located at 105 Ballard Drive in the City Hall Building. The Court Clerk's office can be reached by calling 903-882-6150.

Q: Can I have a vehicle towed that is (or has been) sitting on my property & I do not know who the vehicle belongs to?

A: If the vehicle is on your property and the vehicle does not belong to you, you may have the vehicle removed by calling any towing company you choose.

Q: Who do I need to contact in reference to an animal complaint?

A: You can contact Lindale Police Department at 903-882-3313.